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Sly Cooper (even if the animated serie is scheduled for October)

It's been since Sly Cooper Thieves in times we haven't heard of the racoon...

Jet Set Radio : Imagine a beautiful open word in celshading with colorfull caracters tagging the walls of a town with experimental cool music.

Mirror's Edge : Please Dice, it's been a while since the reboot Catalyst, Faith have some potential but the world should stay linear and not open.

Dead Space : Thank you EA for screwing this franchise, what would I give for a new episode usine the concept they planned before (basically a Mass Effect multi world).

Space Channel 5 : Just bring Uh lala back in buisness those games are a lot of fun.

Alone in the Dark : Where is Edward Carnby ? With the new possibilities offer by modern plateforms they could try to revive this beloved franchise and offer a solid alternative to Silent Hill and Résident Evil with a lire Lovecraftian approach.

Prince of Persia : Another hero another mindless crime behind the computers of Ubisoft : The return of the plateforms/the traps and everything who makes POP a real pressure to play must be experienced on PS5.
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