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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
In TR'13, Lara is seeking adventure, but as a naive 21 year old, she is expecting to make this big historical discovery, not what turns out to be a living nightmare, surviving against the elements and these crazed cultist Solarii. So yeah, in that game she is more of a survivor than an adventurer. In Rise, though she chose to go looking for the Prophet and the Divine Source, I still feel like it's more out of some duty, t her dad and just to find proof, so it still seems less of an adventure. It's in Shadow that this changes. That game definitely feels like and adventure to me, even if Lara's motivation is not all about the fun of it all initially (must stop Trinity is her early mantra). But in moments when she's lightened up a bit, her enjoyment is beginning to shine through. I think she finally admits than in the end. But that's why it's all part of an origins story. The next game will probably show her going on an adventure just because she enjoys it. She's definitely not just surviving in Shadow.
I always bring it up and I know you always disagree with me, but the ending of Shadow does not reflect a Lara going out exploring for the fun of it. It just comes across as she's still got this chip on her shoulder and this over inflated sense of duty. If they wanted a version of Lara that was closer to her classic iteration, which is a version of the character that goes on adventures for the thrill of it they would of really hammered that point home. What we got instead was this...

I thought taking control of my life meant venturing out to do something extraordinary. I thought I had to fix everything.
This line is mostly fine and inoffensive. However, I don't believe there was any development in the game to support this statement. Lara is a fixer, that's all she seems to do is stick her nose in other peoples problems throughout the whole game and take control. The only person in the game that challenged Lara on this was Jonah in the beginning of the game, which IMO was done more through anger at the time. If he really meant it I believe he would of challenged her further throughout the story, yet all he did was facilitate Lara's behaviour.

But the mysteries of the world are more to cherish than to solve.
This part I just find completely laughable. This version of the character pretty much destroys everything she touches, she can't seem to walk into an area without the floor collapsing or breaking something. Plus, surely a defining aspect of an adventurer is someone who enjoys the thrills of solving mysteries.

I am just one of their many protectors.
...and there's that chip on the shoulder! The sense of duty is still very much there, and to me this just highlights the fixer mentality she still has, which a few lines ago she apparently doesn't have anymore.

I'm not sure what the future has in store Jonah. But whatever adventures on the horizon I can't wait to meet it.
Probably the only part of her whole speech that isn't vomit inducing and actually shows she's looking forward to future adventures.

I'll try not to take myself too seriously.
This one just honestly makes me burst out laughing. I'll try not to take myself too seriously because this whole dramatic speech and announcing herself a protector isn't being overly serious? The whole ending should of been way more lighthearted IMO.

The only game in the trilogy that had a decent ending cutscene was the first game. Lara said FOUR WORDS, "I'm not going home" and that was way more effective than her big dramatic speeches at the end of Rise and Shadow, which did nothing but make me roll my eyes. I believed at the end of Tomb Raider (2013) that Lara was going to be throwing herself off onto dangerous adventures, as after the island it was the only way she knew how to live. Though, in retrospect we know that wasn't the case and in came Miss I've got to save the world.

Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
It still overshadowed by the whole "survival" aspect, especially as she isn't portrayed as a very happy character. The only part I can think of where it seems like she's having fun is after her and Jonah escape the tomb at the beginning of shadow.

But another reason why it mostly feels like a survival trilogy to me instead of an adventure is the way Lara always gets stranded everywhere and you have to help her get better. The island in the first game, the jeep crash in Syria, the avalanche, the plane crane in Shadow. Over and over. For once I'd like Lara to arrive somewhere she is supposed to go and be prepared and confident. (the prologues to Rise and Shadow don't really count in this example).
I completely agree. This version of the character isn't portrayed as a thrill seeking adventurer, but a character who's overly dramatic, serious and bogged down by endlessly amounts of emotional baggage. At this stage it's just grating and boring.

I honestly hope they drop all this crafting and upgrading busy work, as you said it makes the character appear unprepared and lacking in their abilities.
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