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Originally Posted by paul123456 View Post
Thanks for your help. I take it by the TR2013 tools you are referring to the ones mentioned in this thread?

Would I just need to edit the files using C++ code?

If those are not the tools where would I find them?

Originally Posted by paul123456 View Post
So I downloaded those files from the previous thread and I've also downloaded and installed Visual Studio 2019.

I've opened the .cpp files in Visual Studio and I'm assuming that I'm updating all references from TR2013 files to be Shadow files?

So for example, any references to patch.000.tiger need to be renamed to bigfile.000.tiger?

And any reference to pcd9 needs to be pcd11.. or pcdtr11?

Sorry very new to this so I am trying to learn as I go along!
No, it's far more complicated than just renaming the bigfile file names. Meaning the actual file format for the tiger archive file system (.tiger) differs between TR2013, ROTTR and SOTTR.

Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
I doubt we newbies could upgrade the tools to the necessary level without prior knowledge. If itís even hard for Gh0st, idk...
Why not? If you don't try then you'll never succeed

Originally Posted by paul123456 View Post
That's my fear. I deeply want to be able to play without the restriction so I'm trying to exhaust all avenues in order to bypass it. I'm sure, because it's something that's complained about by many, someone's tried to do something before but was unsuccessful. I just feel like I need to give it a go so I can be sure at least someone has tried.

The only other thing I guess I could try is editing my save game. I wonder if theres a string of code somwhere in there that unlocks the outfit restriction once it's post game? If I can find that code, I guess we could try tricking the game into thinking we're post game for restriction purposes only?
I highly doubt there's something in the save that will unlock this via a flag or something. If there were they'd have included it in the latest update.

Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
Maybe we could somehow patch the executable in-memory (like a trainer) in order to lift the restriction? I'm guessing it's 'just' a matter of overriding
the return value of the restriction-check function to enable outfit switching in Paititi basecamps. Wouldn't fix the automated outfit-switching during cutscenes / when re-entering Paititi, though.
Patching the executable might not be possible due to Denuvo.

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