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Originally Posted by Titak View Post
Which things?
Which pitfalls?
Ah sorry.. its a figure of speech - basically meaning 'mistakes (use the term lightly) a lot of people fall for'

Mainly when people add thin cracks to walls or pillars with little to no indication that there is one there - meaning its invisible and players assume there is nothing there....
Only instance of the games doing this was TR3 Thames Wharf in that large first area.
It just really got on my nerves - I mean.. fair enough having an altered texture or object there to indicate its grabbable - or even some visible cracks (1 click tall triangles here and there like TR1,2,4 etc used to do)

On one level, sure I looked to the side and spotted the telltale triangle around the side, so I guessed and it worked. But another segment has zero telegraphing at all.. and whats worse, the texture that was used was used all around the room (but only this small bit could be grabbed)

I didn't even know it was there until I watched a YT walkthrough and was like.... how the heck are we supposed to know that?
I mean.. I'm all for a challenge but you have to give some sort of clue at least hehe othersise players just run around like headless chickens and could miss vital items needed to progress.... its just reeks of bad level design choices..
Which is a damn shame coz the rest of the level/s were bloody amazing - yet these small parts kinda spoilt them a bit for me is all...

The rest was kinda cosmetic little things I've noticed a lot - but its nothing major and doesn't effect gameplay at all.
When people place TR1A style levers and don't use a corresponding (or edited) texture or object.. so the switch is just kind of floating and clips into the wall (rather than being sat in a line or groove) It just looks bad and TBH kinda lazy (sooorryyyy)

Still gonna rate them high anyway - so I really don't know why I brought this up.. guess its something I'm gonna put in the reviews I think thats why

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