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After a month, I can finally say I completed all 18 levels!
I have to be honest though: picking the top 5 levels is a very difficult chore.
I started by removing from the list all those levels that I didn't like or that I'm sure that won't be in the top 5 for one reason or another, and I got 12 levels
So had to pick 5 out of 12. That was a challenge but after a lot of thought I managed to pick the best 5 levels. The only problem? Can't really rank them, so I just let my heart guide me with the points and we can say that I'm fine with how it went. Here's my result:

1.Hostile Waters by SrDanielPonces - 5 points
2.Lost in the Amazon by Reggie - 4 points
3.Puna's Revenge by LoreRaider - 3 points
4.Sleeping with the Fishes by tombraiderxii - 2 points
5.The Russian Base by dinne - 1 point

Congratulations again everyone and thanks for the awesome levels!

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