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Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider View Post
This game does not need an unappreciation thread. In hindsight, Underworld might not need it either.

The games that are commonly appreciated are the ones that need unappreciation threads (for unpopular opinions, I guess), not ones that are already unappreciated.

-Underboob Young Lara scene
-No keyboard number shortcuts
-Glitches that commonly cause an issue with completing the game
-No tribal outfits in Ireland -5/10 hehe : D
-It almost works as its own game, but something about it feels off... like it needs more substance
-Lara looking the same as TR4 in Rome, and not with a TR1-esque outfit and bun (nitpicky but still)
Once again... I agree with you on almost everything. I always pondered why they decided to remove the keyboard number shortcuts. Surely they wouldn't remove it just to fix that 'TR4 change weapon to pistols bug' right?
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