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Originally Posted by GabrielCroft View Post
Thank you, but about the missing sounds, how can I add them to the wad?
As I said, it's not WAD dependent anymore.

The sounds are selected, so they're "added" to the level, but TE can't find any info for them.
By the looks of it, you've imported a NGLE project into TE, and consequently it only loaded the SAM/SFX (don't remember which one it is) file from your WAD as the only reference catalog from which it borrows the sound properties. And this file probably didn't have these sound infos at all, because you didn't assign them to the WAD before.
What you can do is add sounds.txt as a secondary catalog (so the file already present remains the priority one), because it has all infos for all slots. This way it will fill in the blanks (well, the reds).

Why do I insist on the fact that sounds are not WAD dependent but project dependent? Because even if you rebuild the SAM/SFX files, and thus the properties for these sounds are added to it, if the sounds weren't selected in your project to start with (in the screenshot you've shown), then they wouldn't have been selected (added to the level), unless you manually selected them or used the Autodetection.
This is useful in case you're not using SAM/SFX files but only sounds.txt for all your projects. In this case you can just modify the properties in sounds.txt when you need to without having to rebuild SAM/SFX files (kinda like TR2/TR3's MAIN.SFX file), and then every project has its list of used sounds selected only (because obviously we can't add every sound to the level file, that would crash the game). So let's say one day you want to change all Lara's sounds properties (or even just a single sound like a switch), you only change it once in sounds.txt, and it will affect all levels without having to rebuild SAM/SFX files.

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