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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
I don't know why they disabled this prompt. It was useful in allowing you to play them in order. For me if I ever do another replay of this I'm going to save the DLCs until just before the final of the game, when you are told to take your time before talking to Etiz. I think that's the best time to do them as they make the most sense storywise, but that's just me.
They might have thought it would be more organic to not show those messages anymore and by the time you returned from San Juan you got 3 messages popping up on the screen and maybe it was removed to not overwhelm the player right before the final battle. I personally liked them, but itís ok I guess. I still like to play them as theyíre unlocked but lately Iíve been saving them for the post game to disable outfits restriction.
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