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While there’s plenty of things that I agree with, the OP seems extremely exaggerated...

Anyways, Shadow Lara is the best Lara we got since TR2013 and I want to see what’s next for her.

• Unuratu, Etzli, Uchu, Abby, Hakan and the side characters that were made up for the sake of DLCs can burn in hell.
• We needed to know more about Rourke. Period. *sigh*
• Dr. Dominguez had real potential, but he got wasted in the Richard Croft drama.
• I don’t blame the combat and gameplay, they’ve got nothing to do with the story. (The story is the one that takes us to Kuwaq Yaku and Paititi. It is the that introduces us the trash characters and outfit restriction.)
• Why no after-completion game-world? For DLCs? Yeah, right...
TR needs to be about cities, discos and military bases again.
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