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Default 8th DLC "re-cancelled" due to coronavirus

Um... This is different

A lot of movies and media events are being cancelled these days, especially gaming conventions, but in an unexpected twist, it has been revealed that a supposed additional "cancelled" DLC for 2018's Shadow of the Tomb Raider was in in fact put back into work and due to be revealed at this year's E3, but now even that hope has been shattered.

"We thought, maybe, we could string the fans along a little bit more" shares Karla Stuart, one of the lead designers for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, "Shortly after, we were made aware of the cornavirus and we thought to ourselves 'Why not use this as an opportunity for Lara to stay at home, just like everyone else is right now; we thought that would be something our players could instantly relate to. But then to make it as believable as possible, we thought further: 'why not actually use this to cancel the DLC again?' We really couldn't let the opportunity pass us by," she goes on. But wait a minute, 'why would, or should, this affect a production and release of a DLC?' you might be asking yourselves. Karla had the perfect answer: "It doesn't, really!" she laughed, "It's just that we had the manor and the dual pistols fully developed this time but we can't deny we love doing this to our fans! They've been with us since day 1! So... We put it all in the bin! And of course, the virus is dangerous."

So there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. Tomb Raider fans will no doubt be disappointed by this news, while everyone else unanimously doesn't give a crap about a 2 year old game.

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