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Originally Posted by CircusBabysGal View Post
Wow! How cool! Will you also be replacing some of Lara's textures? I hate her old gen hair texture.
Hi there, thank you I did consider making changes to Lara's textures but almost all her textures that needed fixed have been fixed by ATombRaiderFan and unfortunately, Lara's hair texture in next gen is actually lower quality than old gen! The reason her hair looks better in next gen is because it's layered with multiple different textures that only work in that version. Sorry about that

Originally Posted by View Post
Wow that's really cool!
I'd really like to see the next gen version fixed one day!
Either official, or fan-made.. I've played with a thought that I'd replace level textures with ones from TRU or SOTTR..
But honestly it's too much work I got no time for and with the current state of the next gen version (see-through textures, chrashes etc.) it's not really worth it..

What's also cool is to use some Reshade magic. Ambient Occlusion makes wonders in this game (even tho the depth channel is kinda broken) and hides a lot of 'not-so-nice' stuff.. I have to try it with this mod, I assume it will look insane!
Hello and thank you so much! It is definitely a lot of work replacing textures haha. I agree that it would be great to see the next gen version fixed one day. It's a shame that it's so glitchy on the PC, we still can't do a lot to fix those problems sadly.

And yes ReShade is amazing. I use a bunch of features from it when playing through my games to make them look even better
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