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Default OldGen+ Version 2.17

Here's a new update for the OldGen+ mod. I noticed some of Lara's outfits had fingers that were missing fingernails and all of her belt buckles were actually lined up incorrectly so I've fixed those issues. I also discovered that in next-gen, some of Lara's outfits have really cool, unique belt buckles that match the themes of the outfits. In old-gen however, she has the same belt buckle for almost every outfit so I thought it would be better to use these unique belt buckles in old-gen.

Other random fixes that I've made include correcting the shading on her snowsuit outfit, swapping the incorrect plain white shirt on the goth outfit with the correct lace version, using even more higher quality textures that were found in the next-gen version (the 2 tapestries in Croft Manor are real tapestries, so I was able to make HQ versions of them from images online) and making some more texture alignment fixes.

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