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Nice workaround!

But I have good news regarding this matter - I was able to devise a condition trigger, which can be exported into script and placed in a trigger group. Then you can refer to that TG with ENV_CONDITION_TRIGGER_GROUP (as part of a MultEnvCondition script, for example) and it will make TRNG prioritize the climbing animations on 4 click sloped ceiling with monkey
Naturally, the Animation script will still work normally, if the ceiling is less than 4 clicks steep.

This new update, which will also add the ability to grab the climbable slope from an upwards jump (and not just a forward jump), will hopefully be sent for retesting by beta testers in the upcoming week. And hopefully released soon after
One more feature that has been requested - a condition for testing that Lara is currently slope climbing (similar to TRNG conditions that Lara is currently climbing ladders or monkey swinging) will also be included
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