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Jacob and I have been trying to get Tomb Raider 2 running on Mac via Wine (Porting Kit). We've been using TR2Main since this looked the most promising for controller support and it enhances the overall game experience greatly.

We are currently having the following issues:
* Since the upgrade to MacOS Monterey, the controller is no longer recognized
* CD audio is not working despite having the cdaudio.mp3 and cdaudio.dat files in the audio folder next to the executable.
* Since CD audio is not working, ingame cutscenes aren't played correctly as they end prematurely

I know MacOS isn't a supported operating system, but maybe someone has any idea what could be done about the issues above?
The controller issue is the least important for the moment, since using the Mac equivalent of Joy2Key seems to work well. But it would be great to have the audio issues fixed.
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