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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Well the first film was a different situation. Didn't they want to go ahead back in 2011? And have more than two directors? And a time limit or else they'd loose the film rights altogether? There isn't any of that now. Once they decided on making the film a reimagining of TR2013 (of sorts) and had a director in place things went pretty quickly. We didn't even think there would be a sequel and then boom, Ben was involved and we had a release date. The situations just aren't the same. The pandemic has slowed things down, but I doubt there will be a seven year wait. The reason we're worried is that it has been almost a year since Misha was announced as the new director and six months since the first draft. The only glint of hope was Misha saying she was hopeful there would be news soon. Hopeful. Not certain. Everything seems so mysterious, even with tiny bits of communication. I don't mind waiting until 2022 before filming starts or a 2023 release window (it seems likely) - I just wish there was some solid confirmation the film is going ahead at this point.
Well at least we have something from MGM but I wish we have some news about when the actual production begins.
Be positive DAMMIT !
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