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Originally Posted by Woops View Post
Download is on the releases page on the repository, simply unzip into your TR5 folder
The package contains a slightly modified TR5 executable to allow injection of the dll, and the dll itself, where all the magic happens

lastly, I hope this project allows people to have a better experience, and enjoy their TR5 playthroughs!

Happy raiding!
This is really confusing. At first I thought only the .dll file had to go in, because otherwise why is there a .dll download only if you need PCTomb5.exe? Then when I replaced the .dll and PCTomb5.exe into the ...x86 > Core Design > TR5 folder, replacing the existing one and ensuring the new .dll is there, and the game doesn't open. Also, installation instructions on the DL page would be super helpful, with very, very simple installation instructions for people with snot for brains like me.

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