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Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
Loving the new update! I would love if you were able to change the position of the ammo counter; my preference would be a top-right position similar to TR1-3.

I've been meaning to ask, as well: would you consider changing the mid-crawlspace roll animation, if at all possible?

Lara ends the roll in a position that seems to be a beta leftover, with her right arm resting on her knee, which immediately snaps to the retail crouching animation.

There are fixes for this on TRSearch, but I don't know how applicable they are for TRC, is the thing.
hi, thank you for your feedback
I took the ammo counter position from TR3 PSX, it stays for now, I will make it customizable in the future, just not now
As for the animation, it's in the level file, not much I can do about it at this point

Originally Posted by .snake. View Post
I finally got around to starting my re-play of TR5 and trying out this awesome new patch.

I am LOVING everything, and it's truly an amazing experience. Thank you Troye; we are so blessed to have you!
Thank you so much!

Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
This is really confusing. At first I thought only the .dll file had to go in, because otherwise why is there a .dll download only if you need PCTomb5.exe? Then when I replaced the .dll and PCTomb5.exe into the ...x86 > Core Design > TR5 folder, replacing the existing one and ensuring the new .dll is there, and the game doesn't open. Also, installation instructions on the DL page would be super helpful, with very, very simple installation instructions for people with snot for brains like me.
Originally Posted by Kirishima View Post
I thought it was already explained here (or there). The .dll only version is for if you already downloaded a previous version with an exe. In other words, it's just there for convenience. As for the game not starting up, I have no idea. I'd say rerun the setup, but that probably won't work.
Kirishima is right, exe + dll for first time, only dll for updates.

Originally Posted by SLAYER View Post
Thanks for the bug fix (and the features )
hope you enjoy it thank you

Originally Posted by kelvinsecolo View Post
Nice! Thank you so much for this. Literally almost nobody care for Chronicles, unfortunately.

Maybe who knows in a near future it will be possible for us to mod Chronicles with WADMerger and TRView too.
if you don't have anything useful to say you really don't have to say anything. If you don't care about TRC then why are you posting in this thread.

Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Not explained. Plus, installation instructions are only on this thread. It should be somewhere on the github page so people don't have to come to TRF.

Still doesn't open. Assuming the file path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Core Design\Tomb Raider Chronicles" is the correct one. =/
any path should work yeah, does it say anything when you try to open it? or just simply not open?
simple steps would be:
-download the .exe+.dll package
-unzip the package using your favorite file unpacker (I use 7zip)
-copy the .exe and the .dll files into your TRC installation folder, when prompted to overwrite the exe, do so.

As Kirishima suggested, have you tried running the setup?
Are you using the Steam version?
Are you on windows 10? 11? 7?
Last question, can you run original chronicles without the patch?
Call me Troye :)

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