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Originally Posted by Woops View Post
Kirishima is right, exe + dll for first time, only dll for updates.
To make the github link more sharable, it might be useful to put instructions on github, that way people will know what to do without having to find this thread on TRF to seek out one sentence from the bottom of the OP. I mean this respectfully.
Originally Posted by Woops View Post
any path should work yeah, does it say anything when you try to open it? or just simply not open?
simple steps would be:
-download the .exe+.dll package
-unzip the package using your favorite file unpacker (I use 7zip)
-copy the .exe and the .dll files into your TRC installation folder, when prompted to overwrite the exe, do so.

As Kirishima suggested, have you tried running the setup?
Are you using the Steam version?
Are you on windows 10? 11? 7?
Last question, can you run original chronicles without the patch?
I had followed those steps.

The game opens fine on the original .exe. The setup also does not open. I'm on Windows 10, and using the disc version.
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