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Originally Posted by Luihmih View Post
Hi b122251! It's a real honour for me to text you. Just played your two firsts ports to PSX from the two firsts Gold versions (SuiKaze Raider told me about that). Congratulations for your unbeliavable and awesome work. I enjoyed every second playing these ports, and I'm sure I was not the only one. Thanks for share your talent with all of us. I'm so expected to this new port of TLA. Hope you can solve every problem you find on your way. Take all the time in the world fixing all the issues, because it will worth it for sure. Of course, if you need one more tester, I would so glad to offer myself.

Any update for these Christmas times, btw?
Hi, thank you for this very kind message. It's responses like this that keep my motivation going. So here is a very, very small update on this project.

The Sophia Leigh boss fight now works perfectly (special thanks to Arsunt for helping me with the A.I.).

Every level now works 100%, except for Sleeping with the Fishes, which continues to frustrate me, and there's still a sound problem which sometimes occurs in It's a Madhouse.
Other things like gameflow have all been solved, except for the Japanese translation for the game, which mizuno_suisei has offered to help me with (but for which some work still needs to be done at my end).

As to the offer to help test this game, I very happily accept, as I have found that more than once problems I had not previously found pop up to annoy me. Please send me a message and I'll send you something.
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