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Taken from above tutorial:
Customizing the new Bridge Objects: the OCB values

All new Bridge objects can be customized with their OCB field.
The formula used to create an OCB value for these objects is this:

TiltFactor + NoSlidingFlag + EnableHangFlag + Depth*256


TiltFactor is the Tilt value, for example with TiltFactor = 0 you create a BRIDGE_FLAT, and with TiltFactor = 2 you create a BRIDGE_TILT2 slope.

The max allowed value is tilt 63.

NoSlidingFlag is the value 128. If you add this value in the OCB lara will be able to walk over this Bridge avoding the sliding.

EnableHangFlag is the value 64. If you add this value Lara will be able to hang of edges of current bridge. By default the hanging feature it has been been removed because it caused many problems on all new edges, i.e. those not matching with the standard game squares.

I suggest to let disabled the hanging feature with the only exception when you are using a bridge with a common squared shape (no fragmented triggers for it).

Depth is the height of the bridge object set in 1/4 of click. This means that, to have a bridge with height of one sector, you should use 16 as Depth.
The depth is important because a Bridge has also a function of ceiling when lara is belove of it.

The old bridges had all the depth of one click.


* The TiltFactor will be used only from the BRIDGE_CUSTOM object, while for other bridges the tilt is implicte in their name: BRIDGE_TILT2, BRIDGE_TILT4 ect.

* Above ocb description could be less updated than that you read in OCB section of the Reference panel of NG_Center program. So you should consulte that reference for the OCB values to use.
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