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Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
Thank you! This is already more information than what anyone else has given in this thread. Them forwarding these requests isn't really the same as Crystal actively trying to port the DLCs.
I've no doubt that they would port the DLCs, but not a second before Microsoft gives them the go-ahead to do so. Which isn't all that likely, unfortunately, because it's not a profitable venture.

Anything CD does with the DLC will be on Microsoft's behalf, ultimately, and at their behest.

I think the chance we have of seeing TLA re-released is significantly bigger, and what we should be focusing on thus (in terms of sending in requests and generally pushing for it, I mean), but that's just my two cents.

It was made by the San Francisco branch of Eidos, which means that SE probably are within their rights to re-release it, there's just the matter of them digging up old paperwork to reconfirm the legal details of it.

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