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Originally Posted by Daegoth View Post
Is there a way I can use my steam controller settings? I'm using an xbox controller and thanks to steam options I play differently like using L3 for the flare, Rstick 4 directions for 4 weapons, pressing start for making Rstick 4 directions, 4 new weapons and a 3 setting pressing start for quick load, quick save, large and small medipak.
Right now TR2Main provides full Controller support (including vibration feedback), but it is implemented the way it was in PlayStation version of the game, so no shortcuts for quick weapon change, quick load, quick save, medipacks. I did not tried steam options for controller, so I don't know how they work now. Maybe in future I'll add some controller shortcuts for such actions, so you won't need to use 3rd party tools like a Steam app.
Originally Posted by Daegoth View Post
Also, is lvl 3 from Golden Mask: Furnace of the Gods still bugged with this mod?
Well TR2Main is not really just a mod. It is some sort of unofficial PC port with extended modding options. Almost every of them can be disabled, if you don't want features from PlayStation version (PC version always has been castrated). About the Golden Mask, everything should work perfectly. Please read this guide to start.
Originally Posted by Daegoth View Post
I mean wolves just sleep and bears don't attack and are kinda immortal while spinning.
That problem exists only if someone uses EXE from the original TR2 game for the Golden Mask game - this messes few things. But TR2Main contains both games with no need to swap any EXE files or keep separate folders (both games must be located in the same folder).
Originally Posted by Daegoth View Post
Or do you have a save starting with lvl 3 to test it? My savedata doesn't work with this version and I'm already on lvl 3...
I don't understand what do you mean about your savedata doesn't work with this version.
Originally Posted by SuperFrancyBro View Post
Arsunt help! The dozy cheat not work! The option is enabled, but don't applied, WHY?
Update TR2Main (and please reply here if you fixed your DX problems), download Dozy Pack, unarchive it, and copy both TOMBPC.DAT and TOMBPCg.DAT files into Data folder of your TR2 game. You will be able use I to get all weapons/keys and O to fly (Walk to disable). Don't ignore this guide too.
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