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I have updated the repository with the latest FLEP version (HERE).

I have also updated 'how to install' section so it's more clear. There are two ways now (easy for beginners and advanced for those who already know FLEP). Also it seems a lot of people have issues with crashes after patching the executable so here are some hints what to do:

  • Make sure patches.bin was not extensively modified before.
    FLEP inherits patching behaviour from TREP, which is good for simple patches but not so much for complex ones like reverb. According to Chocolate, if your game crashes it is possible that you have messed around with "advanced reverb" mode and then switched to "classic" (and vice versa). This may result in a faulty patches.bin. If that's the case, redownload patches.bin from latest FLEP version (or my repository) and try patching again.
    You can still use your own presets and apply new ones afterwards. This step is only to make sure that FLEP patches a "clean" patches.bin file.
  • Check your number formats settings in Control Panel. It seems FLEP has issues with decimal symbols (just like Leikkuri) so it may crash if your region format uses comma instead of dot for decimals (eg. 1,23 instead of 1.23).
    To fix that go to All Settings / Time & Language / Date, time & regional formatting and set 'Regional format' to English (United Kingdom).
    Alternatively you can instead go to Additional date, time & regional settings / Change date, time or number formats / Additional settings and change 'Decimal symbol' there to dot (you can also go there to check if your decimal symbol really is dot instead of comma).

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