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Just been playing through this one all the way through for the first time - I had it on PS1 but didn't get very far.

I'm currently on the City of the Dead hub area at the moment - last weekend I did the Chambers of Tulun with the Minotaur and that freaked me out - have had to use Stella's walkthroughs a bit as well due to all the backtracking which is a bit frustrating how you needs things that aren't even in the level you're on to get through.

The Egyptian visuals are amazing and I do like the variety of the puzzles - the game of Senet was great and also using the crowbar as a lever handle in some parts.

Though I love Uncharted 2 I think it's funny Lara had a train level in this game 10 years before that game came out which was fun.

Also really like the plot and fmv sequences as it does actually connect the levels a bit better and the story for me does have inspiration from those Egyptian set adventure films like the Mummy.
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