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Arrow IrfanView Built-in Screen Capturing

If you have IrfanView ( you can take multiple screenshots using the program instead of any other program like Fraps etc...

It is powerful and easy to use and so simple, you can directly take any screenshot into a whole variety of formats and file sizes, with multiple image capturing.

To perform such a task open up IrfanView and click 'Options' then 'Capture/Screenshot'.

Then a new dialog box will come up, click on 'Save captured image as file' and change the destination directory to 'C:\Temp'.

Then you can change the image format to JPEG, Bitmap or any other of your choice.

For example load a DirectX compatible game i.e. Tomb Raider II and hit CTRL+F11 combination in game to take a screenshot or multiple ones. This can also work for any other application. Then when you are ready open up the folder C:\Temp and view your screenshots.

(Warning: Try not to change the filename as this may prevent you from capturing mulitple images).

Also this works for old glide game such as Tomb Raider 1 when running with dgVoodoo or Glidos. Just do exactly the same for this game using either applications as mentioned above.

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