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Originally Posted by Mokono View Post
1) Download the following files:
-AOD Texture Editor

2) Go to your main AoD folder, search for a folder named BIN and open it:
-Search for TRAOD.exe and move it somewhere else.
-Place the downloaded TRAOD.exe in the folder.

3) Return to the AoD main folder, go to the folder DATA, and then open the folder MAPS:
-Move the .GMX.CLZ files in the folder you placed the AOD Texture Editor and drag the .GMX.CLZ files to UnCLZ.exe as shown below.


-Do it one by one... The result will be the file you dragged without .CLZ extension (PARIS1A.GMX for the example above).

4) Once you got all the .GMX files, move everything back to the MAP folder (including the new files).

5) Do the same with the files in the CUTSCENE folder and the AUDIO folder.

That should work without problem .
It doesnt work for me. When i launch it normally there are no glasses. If i launch it from the hacked.exe it crashes.

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