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Originally Posted by Suikaze Raider View Post
I glad you like them I had the same problem, some patches are only change the code as are on trle, but some as holder bug nope You must use the program OllyDbg, understand the references (to variables and direction addresses) on trle patch assembler code and port them into another exe. It's a bit hard to explain, I only understand very few assembler reserved words but I did it with the method "test-error"

Yeah I guess hey! I was just changing the corresponding hex code rather than digging deep with debugging/assembling I know nothing about that.

Originally Posted by SLAYER View Post
Love your patch, Thank you!

the only thing missing now is proper widescreen.

Edit: Am I the only one who can't choose a higher resolution? I can't use 1600*900
Change your compatability settings that's normally the reason when you can't choose a high res.

Also, There's a custom TR234 widescreen patcher here
It's not ideal for some (just zooms and crops screen as opposed to actual aspect change) but its alot better than the original stretched Lara!
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