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Originally Posted by psiko View Post
That interactive polerope IS evidenced. The crate to be moved IS evidenced. The new switch IS evidenced. a parallel bar.. still evidenced
I don't speak about evidences, but about many objects which are also unique yet not interactive, what implies a lot of blind guessing.

Originally Posted by psiko
If you miss to go where I beg you to do, you can't complain with me for not being clear..
That camera begged me twice and nothing happened, while the 4th door was still locked, so returning to that place in that particular moment was the last thing to consider. In the Fire Pylon level, You didn't require placing 7 diamonds in order to unlock the 8th one and that was correct design, because one simply does not create a totally non-linear puzzle and suddenly demand from players to switch to linear thinking, especially when a whole map of new things is explorable. I complained about identical design in Crystal Skulls, where placing one gem is only allowed after placing another. That setup is simplier yet it still took me a lot of time to figure out, just because a misleading puzzle was the last thing I expected from a team of world-class builders. Since the same happened here, it's actually a compliment for You - I apparenly got stuck just because I did not underestimate the author.

Now I pulled all the levers and my current confusion is even greater, because the leveljump is possible (so now there are TWO explorable maps like if a single one wasn't enough), yet the camera shows me there's still something to do in the current unit. How am I supposed to tell which of these things is "begging" me to be followed? If You really want to be consistent, then be consistent. I of course do believe the solution is right in front of my eyes though, so, once again, I'll launch the game and try to find out.
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