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in fire pylon level, as you mention that, you had to rescue 8 pieces and 2 doors opened when you had all of them (4 for each of the two trapdoors) so the puzzle was different, when inserted them: it was not possible to leave one of the diamonds unpicked

In this case, we have simply 4 doors in line, but each of the doors once opened have a valve to be pressed. The 4 valves are not "beyond" the fourth door, so there is no reason to "deduce" (or give for granted) that you need to open the fourth door to press the first three which are already available. Sorry, but why should you wait? Only because you are too used with the same old puzzle in tr1 level. But there were no switches available once each of the doors were opened, like in this case.

The fourth door opens also the way to second level, which is a bit wider in term of exploration, than the first one. I know after that is open, there are two levels to explore, but if you said this way seems a lot to do. Instead, the first level is no more than a 20x20x20 level: seems a lot wider level but it is not, in the beginning.. I can show you the prj, if you wish The map is really tiny.

About the evidence, I talk about this because if detail is added, it is almost normal to check everything, but the "real" interactive items are, yes, evidenced. And I really do not know how to add detail and avoiding you to press action for every item. If you have a solution, please tell me which is. My solution was to make every really interactive item a bit "different" than the surrounding or a bit weirder. If you wish to have a smoking addeffect on every interactive item, or a glowing overimpressed image, this is not what I am for. I hate that kind of helps.

I am sorry you are using sarcasm, I never wanted, and I still don't want, to insult you because I really respect you and I find you are one of the cleverest mind in this trle world, so I do not know why this sarcasm only because I said that things are in face of the players.

Do you want to know one thing? I am sure that if in a clean room I had put a dark spot, you should have directly searched for a jump switch or a crawlspace in that dark place, and you would have said the level is enjoyable and easy. Well, if you want or expect such "enigmas" from me, then stop playing, because I "really" put things in sight. It's one of the things I keep in mind when I build. You won't have to search for a climbable wall because it is textured with a blant variant of the same old texture: my climbable walls are always "there" available and you'll have to understand what it is for.

I am not saying my point of view is correct or other points of view are uncorrect. But I think many, many years without one of my level reduced the players to search always for the same kind of enigmas. And let's not talk about Lara's home remakes. My levels follow 2 or 3 basic rules.

1) do an exploration of the space available and take some point of reference before doing anything.

2) find the first thing to do and follow the camera hints

3) if a place is in front of view but unaccessible, it is for later, you won't miss anything in my levels.

4) if one thing is that hard to achieve (like the fires in the chimneys area), don't insist, it is for later.

5) you often come back to the same place from a different point of view and map will unfold gradually.
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