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Originally Posted by psiko View Post
The 4 valves are not "beyond" the fourth door, so there is no reason to "deduce" (or give for granted) that you need to open the fourth door to press the first three which are already available. Sorry, but why should you wait? Only because you are too used with the same old puzzle in tr1 level.
Not because of this, but because the first one triggered the first angel, the second one triggered the second angel, and since the remaining two are identical, I couldn't know the third one will trigger the third angel AND the rope. In fact the more logical I try to think, the more stuck I get... so I really don't see a point to alter a puzzle which is consistent to something which seems not to be. Even though it's a kind of invention indeed, it's a very misleading one.

Originally Posted by psiko
I am sure that if in a clean room I had put a dark spot, you should have directly searched for a jump switch or a crawlspace in that dark place, and you would have said the level is enjoyable and easy.
I would search, but I don't enjoy such things.

Originally Posted by psiko View Post
I am sorry you are using sarcasm
No, I didn't. Sorry if I sound like that.
Press F to type F.

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