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Here's a personal opinion, which i'll share and hope you'll read.

That there's enough detail in your levels there's no denial to that. Your worlds are incredibly detailed and filled with passion.

Though what might lack, in my opinion, is sense of direction/composition/guidance. We humans simply focus on a light source, sharpness or contrast in a painting. What i noticed in Hyper Square is that there was no focal point, having me wander arround for hours until i reached the second level simply by actually brainlessly pressing action on things.

I was just released in this huge new world i do not know. Like a kid blindfolded in a forest with the only assignment to find my way to the exit. The result: walking circles over and over again.

Its really great that you have a sense of detail as not many people have such patience for it, but if you'd only guide me as a player by using my instincts to lead me through your world - That'd make things a lot easier. Because i really like hard inventive tasks, no problem. As long as they're meant for me to be amused.

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