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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
Off-topic, but since unfortunately we will probably won't be having news for Tomb Raider comics for a while, I just wanted to share that Phillip Sevy, who drew all post-RotTR comics (except Survivor's Crusade), will have his first creator-owned mini-series published starting September.

Let's see how well he goes completely on his own. Hey, maybe if his writing is good, it could lead to him writing and pencilling a Tomb Raider series on his own.
I'll have to check this out. Thabks for sharing.

I feel like we should do something, in regards to the Tomb Raider comic. Tomb Raider fits so well within the comics medium of storytelling. It seems like a waste to not have an ongoing series. Maybe we can start a petition and get people on this site to put their names on there. Only thing is I'm not really sure how much support it would really get, even on this site. What do you all think?
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