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The main campaign, the villains, the side characters, mostly everything related to story was superior in Borderlands 2. The main was only okay in Borderlands 3, if not surprisingly underwhelming. It actually reminded me a whole lot of Far Cry New Dawn with it's stupid crazy twins plotline. It's kinda the same thing in Borderlands 3, and even though it wasn't terrible, it wasn't great. Kinda lame villans in this game, honestly. I was also expecting some sort of follow up to the Fight For Sancturaty dlc, at least aesthetically, but that just never happened.

I've read about all the console performance issues, and it's a little surprising this game is so demanding. I play on PC and and my game crashed once, and I also occasionally experienced some mild stutter. Like when I entered a vehicle. We just got more of everything in Borderlands 3, which I loved. Overall it's a great game. Amazing gameplay and a lot of repeatability. By the time the game released on Steam it might actually run like it's supposed to, lol.

Edit: The soundtrack is incredible!

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