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Originally Posted by AmericanAssassin View Post
My newest additions. I want to take the plastic off more than anything, but I know I shouldn't. At least with the limited edition Halloween steelbooks. Ugh...

Those are awesome, the IT one scares the crap out of me...i dont know what it is, but Tim Currys Pennywise always gives me the Heebie jeebies.
I watch the scariest movies (by now i turned into somewhat of a horror movie fan), but his performances makes me so uneasy that i havent watched IT since a long time.

On topic:

I bought and started building a Lego Batmobile and im surprised that it works this easily despite me having two god damn left hands when it comes to stuff like that.
Dont know why, normally this lego stuff is too time consuming and expensive to me...but im currently having a bit of writers block(how i hate that word since something like this doesnt really exist, i should call it "I just need a break from writing for a while time") and without any pressure from the publisher and so on, i can turn off my brain and do something practical.

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