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Originally Posted by AmericanAssassin View Post
I couldn't help myself. I'm too poor to be doing such things, but I have no self control.
Ive never related to something so much in my life.
Itís why I donít post here, bc Iíd post literally every other day.. and then people would be concerned for my bank account. From shoes to games to music to random stuff.
Recently for me:
- NYC skyline canvas art
- Squatty Potty for a friends birthday
- Window film for my apartment patio door. Bamboo print!
- Nike Airmax 90ís , designed by me
- 2 albums by Salt-n-Pepa and the new release from Tegan and Sara
- multiple Halloween decorations Iíll likely leave up year round bc Iím permanently in Spooky Season. *Gomez Addams grin*
- 6 frames for posters and paintings, all 50% Off!
- Halloween and First Man in 4K blu Ray
- a Spiderman faceplate mask
- and Iím just gonna say MISCELLANEOUS but itís all stuff I REALLY donít need..
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