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Arrow Cloud City

Hi everyone

Building on this one for a time now and as it developes pretty well, I thought I could share it.

It is called Cloud City, my idea is to have a big flying island.
Originally it was my btb 2011 entry but I couldn't finish it in time and since I like it myself I will finish it.


The game is now called Emporia. It sounds better imo and it is the name of the city in the sky Lara is visiting.


1. Lost in the City ~ 95%
2. Digging deeper ~ 95%
3. Temple of Tears (1) ~ 35%
4. Temple of Tears (2) ~ 95%
5. Ambush ~ 95%
6. Showdown ~ 0%



Past History:
Thousands of years ago there was an implacable fight between Heaven and Hell. Angels versus devils. The war was going on for several decades until it suddenly stopped. Ephelia, goddes of peace and balance between heaven and hell had enough of death, sorrow and pain. Out of angel's tears and devil's blood she forged a heart-shaped stone: The holy heart. With the strengh of the holy heart she had enough power to end the fight between heaven and hell...

Lara gets on track of the myth about the holy heart. She starts looking for clues in Emporia, known as birthplace of Ephelia. Though she learns quickly that she is not alone on search and gets caught and disarmed by some henchmen...


Screenshots (WIP)

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Videos (WIP)

Release is 2014/2015... I try my best.

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