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Sorry for bump, I just recently started to use this program.

I think there is a bug when exporting TRW to CSV. The problem is when movable has many meshes then only first 24 are displayed correctly in spread sheet program (I used Excel), while other columns have empty cells and the greater mesh number causes more empty cells, e.g. whole columns for mesh29 always appear empty. So I have to enter values to columns in spreadsheet program manually from TRW Editor and this is annoying if there are many keyframes.
And I have a question: why this program supports only 30 meshes and not 32? I had to remove some meshes of movable ported from TR1 and this is immediately got noticeable as the centaur does not open it's mouth anymore Well, I think I still can edit it's TRW without exporting to CSV but this thing is not user-friendly
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