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I tested it, and unfortunately, it doesn't fix this issue, if I use nvidia 635M graphics card. However, it works if I switch to Intel integrated graphics! I will try to update ForceWare, maybe it makes a difference (but I can't say that currently I'm using outdated driver).

Another bug I noted is that some animated textures are now broken (for ex., in TR3 Jungle, waterfalls are messed up). And scrolling waterfall textures in TR4/5 are broken too (like ones in Angkor Wat).

Also, Bullet debug mode is now colored completely red, while previously it had Bullet-specific color coding (I wrote about that on Github).

Talking about "forced" skinning and looking at original TR1/2/3 Lara models, I can say that they were built in a manner to "mask" meshed nature of the model, i. e. with big overlaps, etc. The problem is, there could be a situation where you have no vertices in two linked meshes to produce realistic result - for example, Lara's butt have only three potential connection points to link her legs, while legs themselves have five. So it's much harder than I thought (however, with hair meshes it's much more simple, as hair meshes generally have 4 vertices at their potential connection points).

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