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Originally Posted by Greenapple968 View Post
I personally think that co-op is something that should be available but not mandatory. What I mean by that is that I think the player should have the option of choosing from a single player mode and a co-op mode. That way they can do the game by themselves when they want, and they can do the game with a friend when they want. I like the idea of someone being able to chose single player vs co-op, the same way that they can chose the difficulty settings. I don't know how scary the Resident Evil games are considered to be. All I know is that the only Resident Evil game I've completed (RE4) is a game that I don't consider to be scary, but I am hard to scare when it comes to horror games and films.
The PS1 era Resident Evil games were scary like being bitten by a Zombie lying on the floor that you thought was dead or the dogs jumping through the window, the first encounter with a Zombie munching on a dead body and letting the dogs into the entrance hall if you try to leave through the front door, it's obvious now that the Zombie was never dead and the game was successful in luring the player into a false sense of security, it's because of Zombieland that I now do the double tap before I get too close to a Zombie and after I kill a Zombie just to be sure it's really dead.

It's true that some Resident Evil games have become less scary over the years that's partly to do with the action oriented Resident Evil games and partly me becoming desensitised to the point where apart from Alien Isolation and Until Dawn, that said some of them like the RE2MAKE and RE7 still create a tense atmosphere never knowing exactly will be waiting around the next corner.

RE4 has the right balance between action and horror but RE4 is the exception, RE5 and RE6 went too far with the overemphasis on action over horror.

Alien Isolation is particularly tense not knowing when the alien will kill you and waiting what feels like several eternities before a save point can be used again and hoping that the alien doesn't creep up and kill you while you wait, even more tense than waiting for a save point to become available again is when the alien is standing right in front of you and you hope that it doesn't see you, the sense of relief I get when it walks away not having seen me can't be described, the same thing happens in Until Dawn when the Wendigos are standing right in front of me and I have to stay perfectly still or they see me and kill me, sometimes the vibration from the controller alerts the Wendigo to my presence making holding the controller perfectly still even more tense.

You should try the remake of the original Resident Evil it's available on PS3, if you want to play Alien Isolation and Until Dawn you will need a PS4.

Just watch out for the Crimson Head Zombies, if after you kill a Zombie you don't burn it, it will reanimate as a faster deadlier Zombie, then there's invisible enemy mode and One Dangerous Zombie mode which features a Zombie covered in grenades who can't be killed if you shoot him the grenades explode he runs faster than other Zombies and the One Dangerous Zombie can't be turned off once activated, defense items like the Dagger, Flash Grenade and Stun Gun also cannot be used against him, he does disappear never to be seen again after the boss fight with Plant 42.
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