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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
That's... exactly what she is tbh.

Especially considering classic Lara was a lot less white/more exotic-looking like she could have possibly been mixed race (which is far less common with video game protagonists, male or female, most male video game protagonists have Reboot Lara's complexion and medium brown hair).
Shoot. You're right. I take back what I said. Lara WAS supposed to be a hispanic Laura Cruz, and was only changed later in their development to be British. And so many male protagonists ARE just white brunettes with a little bit of stubble!! Damnit. I take it all back. What if they remade a canonical Ms. Cruz?

So there's been talk about an older Lara apprenticing a younger adventurer... Stay with me here, what if Jonah and Abby have a kid, and 20 years after Shadow, their Polynesian/Hispanic daughter searches out a 46 year old Lara, looking for an apprenticeship?? Grizzled Lara needs the help of the next generation to solve her life-long quest to uncover... ATLANTIS!!??
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