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Okay Temple of the Cat

For me, this is a very special level und you say the reason in you first headline:
Temple of the Long, Long, Cat
This level is long, very long and what is most important it feels long. This is one of the few levels in Tomb Raider history where I think at the end where I actually begin the level "What? I started there? How is that possible? It feels ages ago."
This is also the reason why I love this level. It is totally different feeling with Tomb Raider 1, a complex, long-winding and very challenging level in Egypt-style. The Khamoon levels and Sanctuary are very different from this level and so it is truly unique.
And this level has so many great moments: the first mummy fight. Enemies are triggered via pickup. Again something new. The outdoor area with the boulders is interesting change. The secret you only get, when you doesn't pull a switch to lighten a pitch-black corridor. But the most beauty of this level are the running cat murals. I was mesmerized when I first saw this and there is even a random spot in a side room, where it shows a vision of these cats. Then there are the intense fights against the mummies and the first time Lara can die, where the brightness of the game signals danger.
And then there is this:
This is one of the few times in the Tomb Raider games where examining the textures is actually quite vital in helping you live.
This is also a highlight and in many senses. You are supposed to die there, but if you somehow survive, the rest of the level will be much more easy. Two mummies do not spawn and the cat tongue is already protruded. And the levers of this room opens again the secret with the movable blocks. This is also an interesting choice, because the most tedious thing in Tomb Raider is block-pushing, but putting this as a secret and not as actual necessary to beat the level, is a funny little choice by the developers.

For me Temple of the Cat is the best level of Unfinished Business and a 10/10.
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