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Smile The Golden Mask Playstation Release

Hi everybody,

I'm happy to say that I have ported Tomb Raider II: The Golden Mask to the
Playstation. It was quite a difficult project, and it took quite a bit longer
than I was expecting (I started in February, and only finished the levels in
June). I have built three versions: English (PAL-UK), English (NTSC-US) and
Japanese (NTSC-J). They can be downloaded from my website ( under
Tomb Raider -> Games. The Japanese localisation was done by Suikaze Raider,
and I want to express the greatest thanks to him. On the disc can be found a
file called NOTES.TXT in which I go in depth about the course of this project.

This project was originally conceived as a demonstration of what can be done
with a program I have written, which I am also releasing today: tr2pcpsx. Or
"Tomb Raider II PC to PSX Level Converter", which is a sequel to the program I
wrote last year to convert Tomb Raider I levels to the Playstation, and it does
exactly the same, but with Tomb Raider II levels. It can also be downloaded
from my website, under Tomb Raider -> Tools.

Have fun.

EDIT: At the request of TombRaiderTim, I added a few screenshots.

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