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I love Chronicles, However:

*Why on earth does Larson & Pierre show up again? didn't they die already?
*If this is before TR1 why does Lara look like she does in TR4? (Rome levels specifically)
*Some areas felt unfinished and you could clearly tell
*Some areas were rushed and you could unfortunately tell
*Non sensical solutions for the obstacles present in your way (the crowbar attack to the chef, the fire extinguisher, the zipline gun, the coin and the cursed mermaid etc. all non sensical, annoying and extremely hard to tell that is what you're supposed to be doing).
*Young Lara gets gloves when she has the torch.
*I expected a fifth level
*Unkillable bats
*The scene in Ireland where young Lara almost takes her shirt off didn't bother me much but I could have done without it since it doesn't really add anything of importance.
Bring Back the Dual Pistols

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