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Originally Posted by ESCachuli View Post
I dont need to look for stuff, you already do that job bringing it back. You are lgbtifobic, using "gay" and "transvestite" in a demeaning manner. Dont pretend you dont do it.

Bye felicia.
I’d say it’s pretty demeaning to assume looking like a transvestite is a bad thing. Such a shame. This is 2019. You need to get with the times and be more open-minded and accepting.

I’ve had this mod installed since it came out. So jokes on you.

Saying something “is gay” doesn’t make someone homophobic. Being homophobic makes someone homophobic. The only people who would even be offended by such a thing are insecure fascists who think the entire world should operate based around their own ideas of what should and shouldn’t be.

White people can’t wear kimonos.
Asian people can’t like hip-hop.

It’s actual disgusting behavior. You make sweeping generalizations on what is actually more complicated than you give it credit for.

“If you say something is gay in a negative way, then you’re homophobic and gross!” Well then I guess I’m homophobic, despite being bisexual. I’m anti-lgbtqi+ because I don’t subscribe to the way you’ve decided I (and people like) should talk and act. I’m LGBTQI+phobic (it’s a PH by the way, not an F) because I don’t have skin as thin as toilet paper? Because I control my own emotions and don’t let non-sentient words dictate my life? Because I’m not offended by the same things as you?

I’m LGBTQI+phobic because I think this mod makes Lara looks like a transvestite? If that’s how simplistic you think LGBTQI+phobia is then I seriously envy your life.

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