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Originally Posted by MissJodieG View Post
Another great chapter! I can‘t wait for all three Laras to come together. Haha, somehow I feel like Reboot Lara would be the most modest of the bunch.
Is she, really?
Originally Posted by Cat Woman View Post
I enjoyed reading the story. Makes us want to read more.
Thank you!
Originally Posted by TrustyBow View Post
I need this to become a sitcom. I love your characterization of the 3 different Laras. Reboot Lara's dialogue...
A sitcom is a dream of mine too! If there’s ever going to be one, scriptwriters could ‘borrow’ my writings for an adaptation. I demand no money or anything.
Originally Posted by lance6439 View Post
critically acclaimed incoming
I’ll take that as a compliment, I guess?
Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
Ohh my goodness the dream finally became a reality I blasted through all chapters so far and am thirsting for more. Besides having your trademark humour that makes visions of goofiness burst into the mind, there's serious underlying talent in your writing. The wanderlust plaguing Lara's mind in the introduction is particularly exquisite (For someone who claims to like all 3 Laras you sure roast Reboot Croft until she's charred and crispy ) Keep it up, plz! I'm sure you'll never run out of ideas
Well, no love comes without criticism. It helps to improve...

Chapter 4 ~ The Union
Classic Winston didn’t believe his eyes! There were two Laras in front of him! Just as he was going to start chatting with LAU Lara, Classic Lara made a gesture indicating to leave them alone. So he made up his best excuse: “Uh, I’ll go to fetch the newly-steeped tea!”

Classic Lara and LAU Lara talked nearly for hours. They discussed their origins and The Queen of Doppelgangers’ claims.

— “Wait! So you’re telling me that The Queen of Doppelgangers is the LAU Doppelganger herself?! Oh, what have I done!” LAU Lara was uneasy.
— “What have you done? You surely didn’t throw her into hot lava like I did to my doppelganger back in the day, pfft.” Classic Lara was optimistic.
— “You did too?!” LAU Lara was in a state of shock! She continued, “It was a long time ago. Stuff happened. I was after a woman named Natla. She was doing... bad things. I needed to stop her. But this doppelganger stood in my way, killing it was the only way to continue on my just cause. I may have enjoyed it a little bit, hence I made a quite bold joke. And I think that she may have overheard it!”
— “You fool! What have you done? I took care of Natla a long time ago!” said Classic Lara disapprovingly.
— “The thing is, your Natla must have been a different Natla belonging to your universe. But my Natla was an immortal goddess, and I’ve seen her more than once. She returned to ruin my life years later. And she brought that doppelganger with her, more powerful than ever. I don’t want to go into the details.”

After some more arguing, they finally made a joint decision: They needed to find Reboot Lara as soon as possible to warn her!

* * *

“How a-m I going to find t-h-e-m-?” Destined Lara was desperately in need of help. She didn’t know where to start, so she started glancing through her late father Lord Richard Croft’s notes and researches.
“There’s nothing! D-a-m-m-i-t-!” She didn’t find anything apart from the usual stuff about Kitezh and Paititi. Then she heard a knock on the door! Being in Richard’s study upstairs, she felt lazy. “Rourke! Would you get the door please?” requested Destined Lara. Rourke was his forever-grateful butler, and he had been resurrected by the Mayan Gods as a gift to Lara after she passed the ‘Trial of the Silver Box’ where Lara tempted to bring her parents back to life but didn’t. “I’m on it, Miss Croft!” remarked Rourke. “What would I d-o without you,” whispered Lara to herself.

Some loud voices came from downstairs!
— “Move along ma chere! You make the place look crowded!”
— “If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my adventures, do not deal with dangerous women like us! Let us in!”
— “Look, ladies! I can’t let you in without getting permission from my Mistress,” said the faithful labourer Rourke.
— “Let them in, I k-n-o-w who they are,” claimed Destined Lara, continuing:
“Welcome to my most modest dwelling!”

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