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Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
Your fanfiction of my fanfiction () is actually quite good. Someone, please code in the sprint+roll to AoD Lara!

There’s 3 Laras (Classic, LAU, Reboot) and there’s 3 doppelgangers of them (Classic, LAU, Reboot).
• The Classic Bacon Lara’s not dead (of course). And she has slightly more polygons. Just imagine AoD Lara without skin.
• The Anniversary Bacon Lara and the Underworld Doppelganger is one and the same (to me), so I call her the LAU Doppelganger.
• Then there’s the Reboot Doppelganger from Shadow’s Nightmare DLC. She needed some spotlight too!
So yeah, 3 doppelgangers for 3 Laras = 6 unique Laras
I’m not going to insert all the Natlas and Richard Crofts into the story. Well, because, let’s just say that the story is as complex as it is right now. Let’s not turn it into Kingdom Hearts completely......

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