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Originally Posted by MBog View Post
Omg I can't even
Classic Lara can’t even...
Originally Posted by Raider8 View Post
So i just went through all 6 chapters and I'm hooked. Please bring more. The most funniest parts are: classic lara pissed by the constant drama, destined lara instead of reboot, destined Lara's outdated and copied (cancelled 8th dlc) dialogues and being over dramatic. I'm so dead laughing. what a disaster are they when together!
Thank you! I’m glad that you like it. Unfortunately, everything has an ending and this story’s ending is nearing.

Chapter 7 - The Beautiful Fugitives
“Of course we! G-o-d d-a-m-m-i-t-, are you insane or what?!” Destined Lara was about to unleash Classic Lara’s wrath. Classic Lara literally boiled, her face reddened. LAU Lara was aware of what was going to happen, but she didn’t know what to do. She was too late already.

* * *

“I’ll show you what this little rat can do!” Destined Lara and Classic Lara fought all day. They were truly professionals at dodging projectiles. Bullets and arrows were nothing to both. “HAH,” Classic Lara sighed after consuming a medipack whilst Destined Lara was behind cover regenerating. It was getting dark and rain started pouring on. Both Classic Lara and Destined Lara stopped the action after noticing this. “We’ll continue this later,” said Classic Lara. “No one’s going to ruin the Croft family name!” nodded Destined Lara.

Both wanted to return to their own worlds, so they approached LAU Lara, whom had an artifact of great power that granted travelling between universes: The Key of Hearts. LAU Lara took out the artifact. And just as they were going to get their wishes, the door rang. And like if that wasn’t enough, the person or people on the other side of the door knocked rather violently! LAU Lara opened the door. It was the police. “What was those gunshots all about, Miss Croft?” asked the young man who knew LAU Lara. He saw Destined Lara and Classic Lara. In a state of shock, the women busted out of the main hall’s window. The police, now not listening to LAU Lara, certified them as suspects.

* * *
— “It’s all because of you!”
— “No, it’s all because of you!”

The women were accusing each other. After taking a ride from an helpful driver, they were in London. The Backstreets of London. The police were looking for them and they had to hide. They didn’t know where to go. They didn’t know what to do.

— “The safest place is the rooftops,” said Classic Lara.
— “I can handle that!” Destined Lara was sure of herself.

And so did they climb up. Way high up. Classic Lara saw a little shed on top of a roof across, which seemed to be padlocked. “Could be something useful in there. I need to find a way to prize those doors open,” she thought out loud and found a conveniently placed crowbar nearby. Now the only thing left was to get across there. She saw a wire and commented, “That wire looks like it will take my weight.” Destined Lara found it weird that Classic Lara was talking to herself, but she said nothing because she didn’t want to anger the amazonian.

As they were climbing across the wire, they heard peculiar sounds. It was a police helicopter chasing them! But Classic Lara didn’t mind this. There was an obstacle in front of her way and of course she had to comment: “Press duck to tuck my legs up!” ~ “Are you talking to your imaginary friend in a situation like this!” yelled Destined Lara, trying to get her voice heard by Classic Lara. “Umm, yes,” admitted Classic Lara.

A gun-shot was heard.

To be continued...
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