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- Storytelling - The first thing that always jumps out at me when I think of the LAU games. Each game in the series has a pretty engaging storyline that keeps you interested up until the very end of the game. Legend had one of the best stories in the entire series. The game did a great job building up the Avalon storyline, but unfortunately they never properly resolved it. While I'm not a fan of how Underworld handled the Avalon storyline, I still enjoy the Norse and Helheim mythology the game covered. The only real downside is this series introduced the mother plot.

- Globetrotting - Another Classic featured that this era handled pretty well. Legend & Underworld in particular has Lara visiting different locations across the globe. Although I prefer the Classic approach where each location consists of 3-4 levels, I still enjoy that there was some location variety.

- Lara Croft - As others mentioned, I enjoy this version of Lara a lot. Beautiful model and Keeley Hawes did a great job voicing her.
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