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Originally Posted by GiovanniLucca View Post
The atual state of the water is more transparent, but I must admit that we can't compare an 1998 engine where there's no features such as reflection, refracions, proper transparency and displacement with the real life. I'm trying my best with just what I have, that is plain pictures, all the effects I made in the water are just an image with some tricks to resemble water... And although I apreciate your feedback, I'm certain that the water is an absolute evolution on what we have on the original version of the game!

I raised the animation frames from 8 to 16, but still the animation isn't smooth enough as I wanted, but I'm afraid to raise it to 32 and have some issuies with the engine, as I don't know your limitaions!

If someone know how much texture pages is the maximum for TR3 let me know!

Here is a sample of the dirty river on Jungle level:

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