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Tumble/Roll - same thing yes. I tend to call it a tumble when used during a jump.

Sorry I have no means of recording it and even if I could I do not subscribe to any file/picture sharing web sites.

It has always surprised me that for a forum like this we can't post pictures here directly for purposes like this.

The glitch should* be reproducible from my description. If you jump with the action button press throughout you'll know if the position is correct because LC will stick on the edge, flickering in the jump/arms outstretched pose. You press roll and she ends up in the cave.

*Unfortunately I overwrote the save of the jump position where I could get this to happen every time. I've just tried to find that again and can't.

I have found that it is possible to jump from there to grab the edge which I thought it might be but had not managed. There is a precise position on the ground where you can do that too.

Pulling up into the cave either way triggers the bats but there is no use to this in avoiding them as the pull up animation takes too long. LC is often nibbled before she is even fully standing.


Still can't find that start position for the jump which does what I described. I've found several places where you can bounce her off the bottom edge of the cave. This triggers the bats in the same way but I have not been able to exploit that successfully to avoid bat damage a you end up facing the cave and even with an instant side jump it is random whether you get bitten or not

I've found a sort of cheat which might prove to be an alternative successful solution: get LC to the very small 'safe' area at edge inside the cave entrance. Facing to the left along the line of the edge jump straight up; each time it edges LC forwards towards the angled join between the sloped area in front and the triangular flatter area she's standing on. If the angle is right when you get to that join she'll jump up and then slip straight down below the entrance to the cave.

The useful thing is that she is now half embedded in the rock wall on her right. You can trigger the bats here by going into crouch but this also ejects her from the wall, annoyingly, slightly backwards. But it does give you marginally more time to start your jump and run/sprint ahead of the bats.

I still have not managed it but I have, once, avoided all damage until the sprint part ended when one lone bat decided to go back for a final nibble. I was not pleased.

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